We don't take staging lightly.

Staging is an incredibly important and often undervalued aspect of the real estate process. People think staging simply means adding a little paint to the walls and bringing in some furniture, but for us it's so much more. We first identify the potential buyers by creating a specific profile of the people who are most likely to purchase your home. We build a story from there, anticipating in detail the wants and needs of these buyers, then work backwards to achieve the best possible match to what these people are looking for.

In addition to trying to meet the visual needs, we also focus on building real confidence and integrity in your property. This may mean repairing the roof, cleaning up the yard, replacing a deck, fixing the furnace and AC, re-assessing electrical and plumbing issues, etc, etc, etc. This is where Mike's history and contacts in the business become so valuable, as his team of designers, contractors and trades people work together to help your property stand out from all the rest. We do everything it takes to set the right stage for the right buyers to get you the right price. Anything less would just be wrong.

So please, reach out to us! See what Re/Max Majeski Group has to offer. We're always available to chat, and we can't wait to share our passion with you.