About Us

Oh boy, here we go… the dreaded, boring, sterile “About Us” page.

“We are a truly dedicated, experienced and passionate team...” Blah blah blah.

The truth is Michael and Dylan are real estate FREAKS. We live and breathe real estate and have been devoted to this industry for as long as we can remember. Mike was practically born swinging a hammer and spent his childhood dreaming up visions for one-of-a-kind houses on stilts, modern mansions built into mountainsides, and hard lofts that would make the Bat Cave look like a tiny one bedroom condo. He didn’t fall into this career as a back up or as a side gig, he came crashing through the dry wall and built his very own real estate company from the ground up, with intention and vision and an unrelenting drive to be the best in the business.

Utterly OBSESSED is the word. If you want agents who are going to obsess over your sale, obsess over the strategy, obsess over your position, and obsess that you're getting the best deal you possible can, you’re looking in the right place.

CAN’T STOP, WONT STOP. Mike lays awake at night thinking about your sale. He writes bedside notes and reviews them in the morning while jogging through the neighbourhood. He spends hours on the phone with trusted colleagues testing his ideas and sharpening his position. He is constantly improving his strategy and negotiation tactics, making every move with precise calculation. And he's got the track record to prove it works.

As a team, Re/Max Majeski Group builds comprehensive plans to prepare each property to show at its best and we go above and beyond as project managers to ensure everything stays on schedule, on budget, and on track to get the right results. The transformations we make when preparing to show a property are often so profound we end up having to adjust the listing price!

Yes, when you hire us you might be hiring a team led by an obsessive crazy person, but you’re also hiring the absolute best obsessive crazy person to serve your interests, and someone who has the support of level-headed professionals behind him who allow him to perform at the absolute highest level. Choose Re/Max Majeski Group and you'll know immediately you chose right.


Buying a property can be a scary endeavour but we make it PLAIN and SIMPLE and EMPOWERING.

We will listen to you and your needs on a far deeper level than you may expect from your real estate agent. We will listen to your story, then listen to it again, then agree on what you need and help create a vision and a plan to obtain exactly what you're after. We educate you on the market, we help you understand the differences in the physical integrity of properties, and we give you cutting-edge real estate strategies in a NO PRESSURE way. And when you're ready – and only when you're ready – we will bring your house home to you.


Let me at it…. just let me at it… let me at your property! Like a dog with a bone we will fixate on selling your property and not rest until we have a closed deal in our grasp and a SOLD sign on the lawn.

And despite what your grumpy, know-it-all friend who thinks they understand the intricacies of the real estate market even though they still live in their parent's unfinished basement might say, real estate does not sell itself.

There’s a very good reason some properties sell for hundreds of thousands more than others, and it’s because some agents are very good at customizing, strategizing, and executing elite real estate sales processes, and some are not. When selling, we create a clearing in the market to spotlight your home and to make sure you get the utmost value for it.

If you think a realtor’s job is to just put up a sign and wait, you gotta talk to us. You’ll be pleasantly shocked at what we can offer you and your family.