Phil Dunphy

Phil is a real estate agent who is very confident in his connection with his clients, once saying: “Some people call me a salesman, I call myself a salesfriend.” He is extremely competitive but always positive and likeable, and he works hard to impress his clients - although, truthfully, the people he works the hardest to impress are his wife Claire and their three children!

Is this starting to sound familiar...? Well, Phil has another unique trait: he is also a fictional character from the show Modern Family! Phil has been added here as a plant to give folks a sense of our personality and humour. We believe in grabbing the attention of and for our clients whenever we can. We’ve been called bold, brassy, and even cheesy, to which we always respond: “Thank you, we’re glad we got your attention.” There are over 50,000 realtors in the City of Toronto - you need a crew that stands out!