Mike Majeski

Not everyone is lucky enough to be doing precisely what they were meant to be doing. For as long as he can remember Michael was drawn to construction and design, and this passion first led him to working with renovators transforming homes and condos, then to running his own construction business, then to running his own property management business, and finally to running his own real estate brokerage. So not only does he know the ins and outs of design, construction, and real estate law, he also knows a thing or two about managing a business and putting the needs of his clients first.

When you meet Mike you can feel immediately how immersed in the business he is. You'll notice how homes and structures look different to him, how he sees them from every possible angle – but you’ll also see how deeply he values the people and the stories behind those buildings. You can see his confidence and enthusiasm and personality in his marketing – especially in his videos. You can see how much fun he has with what he creates. Mike is genuine and unscripted in all his dialogues, both on camera and off, which can only come from being absolutely confident in his craft. While it's true there's no shortage of dad jokes and outlandish marketing with Michael, it all springs from his true understanding and love of real estate. He is bold and brave, his moves are swift and accurate, and they come with the backing of his vast network of industry experts. Because of his past experience in building and construction, Mike has the unique ability to see several dimensions deeper into the buying and selling process and anticipate all possible outcomes. This business is much more than sales to Mike, it is an artistic process that puts his clients in the best position to reach higher, achieve more, and worry less.