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Why Sell with Mike?

Selling real estate is all about vision. The vision to see a home with all it’s beauty and intricacies and develop the best possible plan to sell it. It takes real vision to highlight, beautify and position a house to sell for top dollar. Strategy is needed to create an aggressive marketing plan that is able to move with new information and reform to adapt to the greatest and best outcome moment to moment.

Mike comes with almost 20 years experience in construction and design that has allowed him to break sales records again and again. Mike could have joined any of the typical big name brokerages but instead he has the ambition it takes to manage his own practice and develop his unique strategies for real estate.

Mike is personally accountable for all his own calls and communications. Mike believes that the best deals are put together with the information gathered from between the lines. In the large team format, how can any one agent have all the information and connect all the dots when they haven’t attended the open houses, answered the calls or even conversed with the other agents? Mike is on the front lines for the complete listing of your property. He speaks personally with buyers and buyer agents throughout the process guiding them to the right information.

No two homes are identical. Your house is the only one of it’s kind. You deserve to have a visionary take your home into their hands and out perform your expectations.

Imagine that kind of service. 

Why Buy with Mike?

Simply put, before Mike even considered working as a Real Estate Broker he had been buying property and working as a contractor for years. During this process Mike built a list of the qualities he felt were most important in a realtor®. If he was buying with a realtor®, he wanted that realtor® to be a professional. He wanted to work with someone who knew more, had more experience and could combine those strengths with the ability to close.

It was a past mentor of Mike’s who looked at his investment portfolio and his experience in design, construction and property management and said, “Mike, give your head a shake you were born to be a realtor®! You have so much to offer”.

On top of that, Mike brings a refreshing no B.S. attitude to real estate sales. He educates every client on how they need to prepare themselves for the buying process and then uses his expertise to get them the property they want and deserve. Mike’s clients don’t walk around with long faces from bidding war exhaustion, they walk around with the keys to their dream home.