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Meet Mike Majeski, Broker of Record

About Mike

If you’re not doing what you love you’re doing it wrong.
I’m lucky enough to be doing it right.

As long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated about buildings and their structures – houses and interior design. I love the smell of fresh paint, see the beauty of exposed brick and still marvel at the character and craftsmanship of the victorian era. I love how every home tells a story, takes on a personality and I can see the potential of each one.

In my 20s I began buying and renovating properties. Then I took it a step further and became a real estate broker. I knew immediately I had made the right choice. I was hooked and needed more so I founded Real Estate Love – my own independent brokerage firm.

Early in my career, I had many opportunities to join a larger brokerage firm. It didn’t take too much soul-searching to realize it’s not my thing. Too big. Too many stakeholders. Too impersonal. Far too much BS.

I much prefer the personalized, bespoke service I can provide. Every one of my clients is unique – as is each home — so a templated, cookie-cutter approach to buying and selling homes just doesn’t work for me.

I can honestly say I have a heart and mind for real estate. A bit cliché, but it’s true. My passion for this industry motivates me and drives me every day while my practical and technical experience delivers successful results and happy clients.

Sound like a good fit? I love a good cappuccino. Or a craft beer. Let’s chat.